Grand Opening


21 May, 2021 • 18:00 (UTC -3)
New World x300 No Custom
We will be inaugurating a new world parallel to the 50x. So we will have the 2 online worlds where you will select which server you want to play when you are logging in. We are lo...
11 May, 2021

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Top Clan Reward R$2.000,00
Our server will award the TOP CLAN with R $ 2,000.00. To participate, just collect your points making the necessary objectives and accumulating the points. For more i...
26 April, 2021

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Season 2021 Based 100% on The Revolution Server
L2 Heavy is a 100% LII Interlude server built on the gameplay of THE REVOLUTION SERVER 2008, without P2W, where only players playing L2 in an Old School way. We officially launch...
30 June, 2015

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