Season 2021 Based 100% on The Revolution Server
L2 Heavy is a 100% LII Interlude server built on the gameplay of THE REVOLUTION SERVER 2008, without P2W, where only players playing L2 in an Old School way. We officially launched on May 1, 2021, so that everyone can start playing. It is possible that there are some bugs related to geodata, but the goal is to have an L2 Interlude server with the quality of 10 years ago, with normal rates and bug fixes that may arise. We do not intend to develop any new features. We believe the game is great as it is, and this is our new motto: if something isn't broken, don't fix it!

We are L2 players who love the original game in its oldest chronicles (C2, C4, C6) and we decided to launch a private server with the characteristics of one of the best servers of 2008 for the community of friends and fans of the game trying to emulate the experience of era.
We are dedicated to creating a suitable, stable, fair and error-free server. We believe that we have the skills and tools necessary to maintain the server, fix problems and keep an eye on the community, although our time resource is limited.

We are doing this as a hobby and we have full-time jobs to earn a living. The hosting server and the website have some monthly cost that we intend to cover with donations from players.
June 30, 2015

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