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Boss Jewel Loc

Below are displayed all players who have Boss Jewels.
This ranking was updated in 05/08/2021 at 22:21.

Item Name Player Name Clan
Ring of Queen Ant (1) Error404 OldSchool
Earring of Orfen (1) KAKITU LosManauS
Necklace of Frintezza (1) KAKITU LosManauS
Earring of Zaken (1) KAKITU LosManauS
Ring of Baium (1) TafarelxD OldSchool
Earring of Zaken (1) xEddyZiiN OldSchool
Earring of Antharas (1) [DEV]Heavy -
Necklace of Valakas (1) [DEV]Heavy -
Ring of Baium (1) [DEV]Heavy -
Earring of Zaken (1) [DEV]Heavy -
Ring of Queen Ant (1) [DEV]Heavy -