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Lineage 2 Heavy - Lineage 2 Interlude.

Time Server, Site and Forum - GMT -3
Autofarm Mode FREE 2 account
Time buffs do NPC - 2 hours
Maximum Buffs Slots - 24
Min chance Debuffs - 10%
Max Chance Debuffs - 90%
Geodata and Pathnodes
Sub-Class Quest - Free
Noblesse Quest - Retail
NPC Class Master 1º e 2º Class Free / 3ª Class 20kk ( Reward Giant Codex )
Offline mode Shop
Auto Learm Skills
Auto Loot Itens ( Configurable )


Experience (EXP) - x50
Skill Points (SP) - x50
Adena - x5
Drop Items - x1
Quest Items Drop - x3
Spoil - x10
Weight Limit - x7
Manor - x200
Extract Fish - x5


Dynamic - D/C = Super Easy / B = Easy / A = Medium / S = Very Hard
Enchant Safe - 3
Max Enchant Weapon - 25
Max Enchant Armor - 12
Blessed Scroll D up to 65% chance and drops 3% with each enchant and does not crystallize
Blessed Scroll Grade S, same chance as normal but does not crystallize

Bonus Sacreds


Season 15 Days
Full Grade-A
No Jewel Boss in Olympiad
Enchant Max +6 ( Auto Reduces +6 in Fight )
Circlet of Hero +300 P.Def and M.Def


Shop grade D to Grade A by Adenas
Grade-S Drop Items Sealed and SA-free in farm areas
Tattoo Level 1 to Level 4
Max 1 Account per IP in Epic Boss
Anti Zerg Max 18 players per clan in chaotic zone
All configurations and features that were not reported here are Retail, ie equal to the official Lineage II or were considered irrelevant.