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Server successfully opened.
November 14, 2021

Our server was successfully launched and we have more than 500 players online simultaneously. According to feedback from players our server is amazing.
And what are you waiting for to play with us?

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Update of january
⚠️ 01/08 RESTART LOG AT 5:00 ⚠️ Revised Chance of skills, Shield Stun, Shackle, Fear, Mass Fear, Heroic Skills, Rex, Shield Slam ) REVISED Mental Shield skill. Enabled Ev...
11 January, 2022
Update dia 11/12
Update programado para sábado 11/12 Set Apella - Drop de Sealed Apella Sets em Den of Evil. - Materiais necessários para tirar o selo ( AA, Adena, Heavy Kill ) -...
10 December, 2021
The Return
After several messages and requests, We will be launching on November 13th the Return of L2Heavy - Season Fragment. Let's go back to the files and server settings from Decem...
30 June, 2015