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Update of january
January 11, 2022

⚠️ 01/08 RESTART LOG AT 5:00 ⚠️
Revised Chance of skills, Shield Stun, Shackle, Fear, Mass Fear, Heroic Skills, Rex, Shield Slam ) REVISED Mental Shield skill.
Enabled Event Drop x2 WEEKEND. Added Buff Status for Classes, Dwarves, Warlord, Tyranty, Song, Dance, Prophet, Bishop, Elder, Daggers. In and out of the Olympics.
⚠️ UPDATE FROM MONDAY 10/01 ⚠️ ✅ Review of TVT/CTF surprise box prizes.
✅ We will release the Apella Craft System.
✅ 3 Raid Boss will be created with special Drop in chaotic zone with 3h respawn + - 30 random.
✅ New reward boxes purchased with a new Farm currency will be created. Info: https://l2heavy.com/forum/index.php?/topic/36-new-boxes-reward/
✅ As Whisper and Aligator will be disabled, areas of operation for retail.
✅ PAVEL RUINS will be added, exclusive drop zone for ADENA, FRAGS, AND HEAVY BEER (New Farm).
✅ We will release the Quest to farm Dark Portal Stone (Stone used to access the Dynasty and Dark Soul drop area in a few days).
✅ New bonus for Dance of Protection, Song of life buffs. Check it out: https://l2heavy.com/forum/index.php?/topic/13-skills-modification/

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